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Get a cell phone (mobile phone) or landline phone
There are two kinds of telephones; landlines which work through a wire into your home and mobile or cell phones that you can take anywhere. Once you know where you will be living, you can call the telephone companies and have them hook-up the landline that probably already exists in your home.

Telus and Shaw are the two main providers of telephone, internet communications and cable television infrastructure, with main installations, sales and technical services available in most of the Kootenay/Boundary. Personal internet service can be acquired through telephone lines or through cable lines from these two companies. It is possible to have telephone, internet and cable television services all from one company in a "bundle."

How it Works

For both cell phones and land lines, long distance calls are paid by the minute and plans are available to suit your individual needs based on time of day calls are made, International calling and various other factors. Make sure you understand all the costs when you buy a cell phone or long-distance package and that it meets your needs. Service rates vary on lines and individual equipment needs; cell-only-service is also a viable option for communications with most of the region having cell access.

Postal Services for Sending and receiving mail:

You can send standard mail from a regular post office carried by Canada Post. First-class mail and airmail service to other countries is available for minimal costs but rates go up frequently. For delivery time with letter mail travels; expect a letter from the Kootenay to take 4 days to reach Vancouver.

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What you need to apply

For a PO Box: The acceptable personal identification you will need must be original, valid, government issued photo ID. If the photo identification does not contain the applicable address (such as in the case of a passport) proof of residency must be provided.

Please see 'utilities' in your Community Directory for contact information.