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Getting Settled

The Welcoming Communities Settlement Services will help you to arrange the essential services you'll need in order to live and work in the communities of Greater Trail, Castlegar, Nelson and Grand Forks/Boundary. There are a number of things that you should do as soon as you arrive to your new location and a settlement service facilitator is available to help you.

What it is and how it works

The Welcoming Communities Settlement Service is a free service available to new immigrants that will provide help and information on housing, banking, employment, health care, driving, and education and preparing for citizenship in their new community.
Contact the Welcoming Communities Settlement coordinator when you first arrive for an appointment with a settlement service facilitator in your new community.

What is a Verification of an Immigration Status Document?

When any person comes to Canada for the first time as an immigrant, they are given a paper document as proof of their immediate status, currently known as a Record of Landing or Confirmation of Permanent Residence depending on when the document was issued. The Citizenship and Immigration Canada form number for this document is IMM1000 and is often referred to when requesting identification.

What is primary and secondary government ID?

Accepted Primary ID
B.C. identification card (BCID)
Canadian immigration identification record
Permanent resident card
Student, work, visitor, OR temporary-resident permit.

Accepted Secondary ID
Bank card (your name must be imprinted on the card)
BC Services Card (non-photo)
Birth certificate from foreign country
Credit card
Employee ID card with photo
Health card issued by a Canadian province or territory
Passport (Canadian or foreign, including U.S. passport card) - must show your full legal name
If you were born outside Canada, and don't have the right primary or secondary ID, contact Citizenship and Immigration Canada at 1-888-242-2100.

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What you need to apply:

1. Immigration status document
2. primary government ID
3. secondary government ID

Get information and support from a Welcoming Communities Settlement Services facilitator near you.

Where to Go

Columbia Basin Alliance for Literacy (CBAL)

Settlement Worker

Phone #1: 250-687-4714



Please contact the Castlegar Settlement Worker for in person, email, or phone support for any needs you may have as a newcomer to the community, province, or Canada. Information, resources, referrals, mentors, tutors, and community connection will be provided based on you and your family's needs. Welcome to Castlegar!