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Municipal Services

City of Castlegar

460 Columbia Ave.
Castlegar, BC V1N 1G7

Phone #1: 250-365-7227

Fax: 250-365-4810

Email: castlegar@castlegar.ca

Website: www.castlegar.ca

City of Castlegar-Civic Works

4500 Minto Road
Castlegar, BC V1N 4C1

Phone #1: 250-365-5979
Phone #2: 250-365-3341 (Emerg.-after hrs)

Fax: 250-365-0594

Email: civicworks@castlegar.ca

Website: www.castlegar.ca

Ootischenia Landfill

670 Columbia Road
Ootischenia, BC

Phone #1: 1-800-667-4321

Website: www.castlegar.ca/services_civicworks_landfill.php