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About Welcomemap

Welcome to the welcomemap, a site developed specially for newcomers to our beautiful region or those planning to relocate. The site contains a wealth of information from community introductions, a comprehensive directory of local services and lots of information essential to those arriving from outside Canada. We want you to love living in our communities as much as we do.

For those coming from outside Canada the 'Getting Started' section will help you carry out the essential tasks that you will need to complete to successfully settle. If you are going to be 'on the road' then you might want to download a welcomepack, a portable pdf document that mirrors the information on this site.

First though you will want to select the location you are looking to settle in the top left hand corner of the site, your selection here will ensure all the information you browse will be from that location - if you're not sure where you might like to settle yet select 'Kootenay and Boundary' for unfiltered information.

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Welcome Packs

You can download the essential information from this site in an easy access pdf format.

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Getting Started

There are a number of essential things you will need to do to sucessfully settle in Canada. Our planner helps you find out what you need to do and where you can do it.

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Our Communities

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Find out more about our communities from history to in depth statistics in our community profiles.